Start up crash course – Reading assignments

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I had always wanted to do this.

Take my favorite posts from over the years and put them in one easy to find place where I can go hide when I wanted to run away from the world. Tonight I decided to do something about it. For the benefit of my newly minted ranks of blog readers who had missed out on my earlier rants and raves as well as my regular readers who may have missed out on some of these during self imposed blackouts when my barely adequate wordpress skills crashed my blog

Here are my favorite posts from the Desi Back to Desh blog. 42 posts, 10 categories, 3 years.

Enjoy and don’t forget to drop me a line.

On Entrepreneurship

Kill your Ego

The myth of a unique idea

On Hamlet, Horatio and Shakespearean mythology

A penny for your thoughts, pretty woman or the myth about raising capital

Strategy & tactics or winning for itsy bitsy teeny weenie little Pakistani mom and pop tech shops

On Starting up

Have fire, will travel or why you should listen to your heart

Memories, Cookaracha Guides or venture number two

Startup Insiders – Through the pictures


On Pitching

APICTA, PASHA Awards – Do’s and don’ts – old post re-hash

Why customers say no

The essence of a business plan competition

The presentation cheat sheet – one

The presentation cheat sheet – two

The presentation cheat sheet – three

On Raising Capital

Funding for dummies – one

Funding for dummies – two

Funding for dummies – three

Funding for dummies – four

On Surviving

There goes your coolant, here comes your core

Things they never taught me at Columbia Business School

Gary Travnicek

Things to do in a down market, when you are not dead

Stepping out of your comfort zone

On the Economy, Politics and Pakistan

The rise and fall of the Pakistani rupee

Student output and its extrapolation

John LeCarre, this country and the elections in November

Emergency – a guide for our non-local friends

Myths about Pakistan or a middle class rejoinder

You were saying, a rejoinder – part four

On the Pakistani technology scene

Strategy for technology companies

An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan – one

An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan – two

An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan – three

On Travel

Jakarta Impressions

Baan Deva Montra, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Building relationships; sticky rice with mangoes

The Larry Ellison Fix in Karachi

The best free entertainment in Singapore

Red Light zones in Dubai

On Alchemy

The alchemy story

My loverly, not a typo, team


Chotay Nana