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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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Middle Office Posts Index

Middle Office Middle Office Review: Middle Office External review and audit The Derivative Middle Office: Middle Office Derivatives Business Regulations Middle Office review: Middle Office Target state vs. Middle Office current state analysis Middle Office review: Middle Office model Basel II Gap Analysis Middle Office

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ICAAP Posts Index

ICAAP Market Risk Metrics – Jensen’s Alpha Market Risk Metrics – Beta with respect to market indices Market Risk Metrics – Holding Period Return Market Risk Metrics – Introduction Basel III Enhancement – Linking liquidity crisis with Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Stable Funding Ratios Basel

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Finance Posts Index

Finance Treasury products & operations – Treasury products & operations simulation workshop Entrepreneurial Finance: A new market entry, product pricing case study Crude Oil Price outlook: US GDP Second Quarter, revised downwards to 1.6%: Oil to head lower Crude Oil Insights: Actual spare crude oil

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Corporate Finance Posts Index

Corporate Finance Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp Master Case: Corporate Finance: Limited Liability or C-Corp Master Case: Office Depot: Ratio Analysis Learning Corporate Finance – course guide Master Case: Electronic Arts (EA): Corporate Finance: Session IV The first course in Corporate Finance –

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Computational Finance Posts Index

Computational Finance Mathematical Finance: Interest Rate Models: Calibrating CIR and HJM Interest Rate Model Mathematical Finance: Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulators in Excel Online Finance – FAS 157 – FSP FAS 157-4 – The FASB Position paper – Orderly vs. non-orderly transactions Online Finance:

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Business School Posts Index

Business School B School recruitment: Cover letters for cold calls, interviews and resumes Business School Applications: The Four core components of your b school application B School recruitment: Writing cover letters that work – a cold call Online education: The Learning Corporate Finance online course

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ALM Posts Index

Asset Liability Management Asset Liability Management – Introducing ALM Asset Liability Management – Other ALM Tools and Applications Asset Liability Management – Rate Sensitive Gaps, Earnings at Risk, Cost to Close and MVE Analysis Interest Rate Risk: Duration, Macaulay Duration and Modified Duration Duration, Convexity

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