Small business accounting, finance training: Free Online finance and accounting training courses

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Small business owners in addition to understanding the business also need to understand two basic subjects. Finance and accounting. Here are two free online courses on accounting and finance that provide introductory training in accounting and finance. You can jump straight in or take a more detailed tour that follows:

Accounting Crash Course

The basic accounting short course for small business was put together as a quick accounting survival guide for accounting neophytes.  As small business owners while most of us understand debit and credit and the concept of Journals and Ledgers, some of us missed the formal organization of an accounting course.  The course starts with the very basics of accounting and builds up to the trial balance. The next part of this course will review the 3 financial statements including the balance sheet, the P&L and the statement of cash flows.

For those of you new to the topics of finance and accounting a quick terminology refresher may be useful. You may want to see the first course in finance before you start on the accounting materials.

First Course in Corporate Finance

The first course in Corporate Finance introduces concepts of Financial Statements,  Time Value of  Money, Risk and Return, Opportunity Cost, Cost of Capital, Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Return measures. It includes a case study on Electronic Arts valuation.