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Buying and downloading an excel or pdf file from our online course store is a simple process that uses the following steps:

You can click on the top right hand corner link to the Finance Course Store


What does the main shopping page looks like

Any of the above links will bring you to the main shopping cart page where we have now categorized products in three primary categories.

A category called Package Guides. We have seen many of our customers purchase multiple items from the site. Packaged combos effectively package the most common combinations and packages in one neat package that allows you buy what you need and want with a single click.

Topic specific categories for ALM, Capital Adequacy, Corporate Finance, Derivative Pricing, Treasury Products and Risk Management.

How do I add a product to my cart?

When you click on any of the category buttons you will brought to a detailed product view that showcases the downloadable products available in that category. For example the Package Guide tab is shown below.

You can switch views by clicking on the View as options on the right hand corner of the page

The List View

And see the same downloadable products in a grid mode

The Table view mode

Click on Add to Bag to add the products you want to your shopping cart

If you want to see details of the product you have bought or are thinking of buying click on the link to see a more detailed writeup about the product as well as see what is included

At any point click on the Go to Checkout option available to complete your purchase.

If you can’t see the checkout option click on the Go To Bag floating icon at the bottom of the page to get to the checkout option.

Once you click on Google Checkout you will be passed to Google Wallet where you can complete you purchase quickly in a safe, secure environment

We hope you enjoy the new shopping experience on the site. We will specially look forward to your feedback and comments.


Jawwad Farid


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