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Monthly Archives: February 2011

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Finance Training Videos – The Online Quant Crash Course comes to town – Quantitative Training for the non-Quant.

If you have ever been in love with a spreadsheet or a pricing model; or hated your 18th run of Hull without understanding a word of it; or needed a spiffy answer to a question posed by our beloved Howard Corb, just so that you can make the right impression, the Online Quant Crash Course (for the non Quant?) is for you. Rather than limiting ourselves to PDF and excel files we decided to play with Finance Training Videos, the new home for online video based quantitative training.

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Finance Training Course: Online Quant Crash Course: Video One

The Quant Crash Course is a 200 minute series of 4 videos that cover the basics of quant and computational finance. The course material and series has evolved over the last 8 years as part of the training practice run by Jawwad Farid in the areas of derivative pricing and risk management.

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Liquidity Risk Management Case Study: Lehman Brothers

Between 2003 and 2004 Lehman Brothers acquired five mortgage lenders including the subprime originator BNC Mortgage LLC and Alt- A mortgage originator Aurora Loan Services. During the house price bubble these acquisitions contributed to Lehman achieving record revenues and becoming the fastest growing investment bank

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Book Review: The End of Wall Street – Roger Lowenstein

Roger Lowenstein’s book “The End of Wall Street” is a font of information regarding the recent financial crisis. Beautifully written in clear and simple language, it explores the environment that created the house price bubble and the impact on the mortgage market particularly with regard to subprime and Alt –A mortgages.