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Daily Archives: April 29, 2011

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Introduction to Financial Modelling

Introduction to Financial Modeling A quick examination of building financial models with a focus on building financial models for financial reporting, investment decision making, financial planning and budgeting purposes. At a personal level the most common application of financial modeling for me has been building

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The PASHA – CIPE – Entrepreneurial Younglings Round Table

Surprisingly the deepest fear turned out to be not meeting expectations. Some brought up failure a little later but the very first response was disappointing customers and family. Which was exceedingly interesting, I would have thought a budding entrepreneur would have thought of himself first but this gentleman was actually thinking of his customers. Then came financial loss. On the challenges front the A list included managing cash flows, finances and money and the one resource everyone felt that can make a huge difference was mentoring from individuals who had already walked on this path before. The one thing you would ask was not capital but the knowledge that helped you find and sell to customers