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Monthly Archives: July 2011

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Borders Liquidation – An obituary

In 1997, walking on Oxford Street in London I accidently stumbled upon the newly opened Borders book store. It was early summer and a short shower had caught me without any cover against the elements and this store (wasn’t even sure if it was a

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Startup School: Understanding Customers, Painting your Mona Lisa or who is the hero in your movie?

Who is the Hero in your movie/pitch? No it is not you, nor the investor, nor the product. Your pitch is best delivered in third person and the pain your are documenting is the pain of the customer. And the story you really want to tell is the how badly he or she wants this pain to get fixed, addressed, nuked and neutralized. Somewhere in there, maybe towards the end is space for production credits (your profile) and maybe a sexy placement for your product (showing the hero using it in exactly the right context and scene where the audience is aware of the sub text and would love the usage). But all of that comes later; this movie is primarily about your customer.