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Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

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Introducing the Online Risk Treasury Resource Guide – Premier Edition

The Risk Treasury Resource Guide was specifically designed to address all 8 problems identified above. It is a subscription based online portal that

Combines the best of html content with training videos, take away pdf notes and downloadable excel templates on a fixed price training platforms.
Created by subject matter experts who have spent more than a decade as practitioners and in demand consultants in the GRC space.
Designed primarily for Treasury RM’s, FI and Correspondent banking team members spread across the world who cannot access live training on account of travel restrictions, budgets, timing conflicts or simply need an active on call reference and resource guide.
Covers the full range of courses from basic corporate finance to advance derivative pricing cataloguing more than 40 online courses. Current inventory covers topics in Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Risk, Interest Rate Models, Basel II, Monte Carlo simulations and derivative pricing.
Add a new course a month covering a hot topic requested by existing clients and users in the GRC space.
Is hosted, managed, updated and upgraded by our team, freeing you up from the headache of supporting a live actively used resource portal