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Introducing the Online Risk Treasury Resource Guide – Premier Edition

Finance, Quant, Risk practitioner training courses with hosted LMS.

For individual and institutional customers.

If you are looking for  free online treasury risk training resources, see our treasury risk training guide

Eleven year later after the birth of the original corporate finance e-education portal our revamped and redesigned corporate training product took another big step today.

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A subscription based, organized finance learning tool with topic specific custom roadmaps that renews the focus on fundamentals, data, analysis and presentation. After 18 months of running Learning Corporate Finance, logging in more than 200,000 page views, 90,000 visitors, 20% growth a month every month (yup we are finally over the Panda update) and closing our first private label deal with one of the largest banks in the region, it was time to go premier.

If you are already familiar with Learning Corporate Finance, the Online Risk Treasury Resource Guide is to Learning Corporate Finance, what Tiramisu and New York Cheese cake are to vanilla ice cream.

Whether you are an individual looking at ready access to hard to understand finance hot topics at a fixed price or an institutional learning team evaluating killer content for organizational wide delivery at a killer price you have some very hard problems to solve:

  1. Where do you get educational training content that covers risk, pricing, market trends, trade ideas and execution in a language that you can actually understand?
  2. How do you deliver that content to your FI and correspondent banking team spread across 5 continents, 50 countries and as many time zones?
  3. Who solves your bandwidth, delivery, hosting, LMS and content upgrades problems without charging you an arm and a leg?
  4. Can you actually get a selection of meaningful courses that use market data and market based examples that can readily be put to work?
  5. How about foundation courses for beginners? Advance courses for hardcore users? Demystified topic guides for the truly confused?
  6. Who can you help you reach your Treasury RM’s on a platform that they will actually use and education them about products that they can start selling next week?
  7. Where do you get hold of subject matter experts who can weave themes from treasury, risk, trading, analysis and banking regulation at one site?
  8. Can you combine the best of html content, with training videos, take away pdf notes and downloadable excel templates on one fixed price platform?

This has been the gist of our conversation with our treasury and FI customers over the last 12 months. The Risk Treasury Resource Guide was specifically designed to address all 8 problems identified above. It is a subscription based online portal that

  1. Combines the best of html content with training videos, take away pdf notes and downloadable excel templates on a fixed price training platforms.
  2. Created by subject matter experts who have spent more than a decade as practitioners and in demand consultants in the GRC space.
  3. Designed primarily for Treasury RM’s, FI and Correspondent banking team members spread across the world who cannot access live training on account of travel restrictions, budgets, timing conflicts or simply need an active on call reference and resource guide.
  4. Covers the full range of courses from basic corporate finance to advance derivative pricing cataloguing more than 40 online courses. Current inventory covers topics in Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Risk, Interest Rate Models, Basel II, Monte Carlo simulations and derivative pricing.
  5. Add a new course a month covering a hot topic requested by existing clients and users in the GRC space.
  6. Is hosted, managed, updated and upgraded by our team, freeing you up from the headache of supporting a live actively used resource portal

Why are we special?

We think that this is a product that stands out for a number of reasons

  • First the design is based on our experience of running a free online risk modeling and finance reference guide for the last 18 months. We have received a lot of feedback from our 90,000+ visitors.
  • Second it’s a tool created by risk and treasury professionals for risk and treasury professionals. In our search for similar resources for our risk consulting work we have looked far and wide and finally designed something that we ourselves would want to use.
  • Third the learning elements are based on our expertise in delivering live training courses on awkward topics like interest rate modeling, probability of default estimates and portfolio optimization.  I teach the risk, treasury and derivative pricing course to Exec. MBA students at two regional schools in Dubai and Singapore as well as to market professionals in the Middle East and Far East.

So how does it work?

Think about this for a second – when you imagine a perfect online learning platform what do you want?

  1. If you are new to the subject, you want a customized learning roadmap written by a subject matter expert. Someone who knows exactly what you need to understand and pick up and can help you navigate the hurdles of learning a difficult concept.
  2. You don’t just want online html based content. Ideally it would help if you have a few videos, some take home pdf files that you can download and read at your pace on the train or at the airport and it would be really neat if somehow there were atleast a few excel templates that can help you walk through what you have just covered

Lets see how we stack up against that online education check list

  • Custom learning roadmap – check
  • Online html content – check
  • Online Videos lectures  – check
  • Downloadable pdf files – check
  • Excel templates – check
  • Videos about building excel templates – check

As a student every once in a while you want to walk away from the learning plan and explore what else is out there. Yes you can do that here. We cover topics of interest and what is happening in markets and you can see that on the recent post tab. If you want to do something completely different like brushing up on correlations or asset liability management, you can do that too by walking through our list of 40 plus active courses.

What about the content? Why is that special?

To begin with it is not academic. It is practical and hands on based on our consulting experience in the risk and treasury space over the last 10 years. As a firm we have successfully completed Basel II implementations, risk management policy reviews, model audits, pricing and valuation opinions and investment advisory mandates. We have run some of the largest fixed income portfolios in our markets and set up risk trading desks, implemented treasury systems and sat between acrimonious discussions on treasury profitability, transaction drivers and risk limits.

Then there is the academic piece. Two Fellow society of actuaries, one Columbia Business School MBA, three published text books and a highly rated EMBA faculty member described as “one of the best unconventional EMBA finance professors on campus”.

If you like what you see and would like to learn more about our subscription plans and the work we are doing for some of the leading regional banks in the region, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] or [email protected].  The site is already up and running and access is immediate.

Pricing plans are available for non-commercial individual usage as well as flat per user based fee for institutional delivery.

Why should you consider evaluating the Online Risk Treasury Resource Guide for your organization?

  • A rich growing inventory of 40 plus active courses covering risk, treasury, compliance, banking regulation, corporate finance, finance basics, derivative products and treasury operations

  • Custom role specific course recommendations and resources

  • Customized topic specific learning roadmaps with html, video, downloadable pdf and excel templates

  • Browser based, hosted, access anywhere, cost effective, no-hassle delivery solution

  • Practitioner oriented content based on over a decade of risk, asset management and treasury product consulting experience in the Middle East, North America, Europe and South Asia
Pricing plans are available for non-commercial individual usage as well as fixed fee institutional delivery using private labeled content delivery platforms. For more details please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Introducing the Risk Resource Reference – Premier edition

Get a subscription to the Risk and Treasury Online Resource Reference including complete access to all paid for Learning Corporate Finance Content – Excel templates, PDF files, and all our video courses.

The Learning Corporate Finance team uses the same training style in our training videos that we use in our live classes. We keep things interesting and interactive and focus on real world lessons that could be put to work as soon as you are finished with the course. Sometimes we get carried away and do exotic financial and risk courses like Understanding N(d1) & N(d2) but generally our impulse control is quite respectable.

Here is a current list of online video courses:

  1. Option Pricing using Binomial Trees
  2. Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation
  3. Understanding N(d1) & N(d2)
  4. Calculating VaR using VCV & Historical Simulation
  5. Setting Value at Risk (VaR), Stop Loss, Pre Settlement (PSR) & Counterparty Limits
  6. Quant Crash Course

Online individual subscriptions are not eligible for return or downgrade.
When you subscribe to Finance Training Videos you are only billed when you use google checkout to opt in as a subscriber

Finance Video Training FAQs

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How do I access the training videos?

Once you’ve purchased a subscription plan, you will receive through Google checkout or through us, a password and link to view the online training videos library. Links to all the courses in the library will be provided on this page. Click on the relevant course in the library to view the content. Once you have viewed the content of a course return to the main Course library page to access the remaining courses.

How do I view the training videos online?

You can view any training video in the course by selecting a particular clip. All courses have been divided into clips of different lengths which cover a specific topic. Controls are provided to pause, forward or rewind the clip. In addition, as the clip is downloaded it becomes possible to move forward or backward through the clip as desired by selecting a point on the progress bar.

What is the size of the training videos and can I view it full screen?



Our training video size is 480 pixels wide by 360 pixels high. However, you can have the option to watch the videos full screen if you so desire by clicking on the icon in the control bar.

Refunds, Cancellations & Renewal

What is your refund policy?

All Finance Training Videos subscriptions are non-refundable.

In order to make it possible for you to gauge the quality of instruction for every course a selection of sample clips are provided. The clips are available on the free video sampler pages for each course. For some courses free online html based editions are also available while for others downloadable pdf files and excel templates can also be purchased for a small fee.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

Depending on your subscription plan, at the end of your subscription period you will no longer have access to the training videos library page. If you would like to renew the subscription you would need to repurchase or renew your plan. If you would like to renew your subscription for a period longer than six months, please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

How do I Cancel my subscription?

Once we process your subscription and you are provided with the URL and password to the video content, you can cancel your subscription to the training videos but will not receive a refund. We try and provide as many sampling opportunities possible to our customers so that by the time they have decided to make the purchase decision they have all the information they need to make an educated and informed decision.