Month: September 2011

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Offer for Actuaries

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Given that both Agnes and Jawwad are actuaries (Fellow Society of Actuaries), we are offering a 30% discount on the quarterly and annual subscription rates for members of Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. To get the discount coupon code, just ask your membership organization for the LCF Actuarial special code. Alternatively just drop us an email with your current membership status and we will email the coupon code to you right away.

Bank Stress Testing Guidelines across FSA, Federal Reserve and Asian regulators

Understanding Stress Testing: A guide to stress testing for board members


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Stress testing refers to a process through we which we try and assess the impact of abnormal and extreme conditions on our processes, control systems and organizations.

Within financial services stress testing takes a second dimension where the focus shifts from assessing impact to identifying breaking points; the maximum amount of stress a financial institution would be able to bear before it breaks down and fails. The level of interconnectivity between financial markets and institutions has made this threshold of failure even more important since a since the failure of a single institution can trigger a deep and painful system wide crisis that can very easily turn into a regional or global contagion.

Risk model spreadsheets. The all you can read guide.

Cross selling treasury products – Pitching commodity trading ideas to corporate clients

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Price volatility in crude oil, gold, silver, cotton, sugarcane, wheat and cereals has created an unprecedented opportunity for corporate relationship managers to cross sell treasury products to their institutional, trading, manufacturing and high net worth customers. We present below a framework for empowering client facing treasury teams to go out and cross sell high value, high margin trading concepts to clients by educating customers about their exposures and some of the solutions available to reduce the risk associated with the same exposures.

Commodity Trading Course Package

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By the end of the two day workshop participants will be able to:
a)      Appreciate the linkage between commodity markets (precious metals, crude oil), currencies and rates
b)      Trace the impact of monetary policy announcements on commodity markets
c)       Explain trading strategies using futures, options and exotic products
d)      Understand trading triggers
e)      Derive risk limits for counterparty exposures