Can you write? We are hiring…

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Can you write? We have readers (and hiring…)

When was the last time you went looking for a writing internship? The chance to work with a mentor who could help you find your true self? Define new boundaries, discover new domains..

Perhaps you are not the writing type? You are just looking for the editor who would help you take your craft to the next level? Help you get noticed and picked up by the Journal… Maybe write a book or two in the process?

Who are you?

a) You are a silver tongued wordsmith who has always wanted to let words speak for yourself.

b) You have always wondered what it would be like to write for a living and would love to try it out for real before committing to this dream.

c) You write more than you eat. You read more than you write. You are not happy till it all flows together because in the end you write for yourself and not the world.

d) Of all the subjects you like writing about you by an accident of fate love writing about finance more than anything else. Michael Lewis, Andy Kessler, Roger Lowenstein adorn your bookshelves and you dream of the day when you could explain what went wrong with the world as well as Lewis, Kessler and Lowenstein.

e) You live in Karachi and unlike a large part of the journalist community love the city despite its schizophrenia.

f) You are a self starter who regular takes on more responsibility than you should, you prefers smiles over frowns and has a history of working well with bipolar, dysfunctional, bosses.

What is the role?

a) We want you to write. Period.

b) Write well i.e. So well that the world beats down our door to get to your words.

c) Every day.

If you survive the internship, there is a full time role awaiting you at the end of the rainbow.

Who are we?

a) We are an e-learning company focused on financial education. Our customers include some of the leading financial institutions in the region.

b) Some of our readers spend as much as 30 minutes per visit. They come from over 5,000 cities and 180+ countries.

c) We love finance and love people who love writing about finance.

d) We offer ample sunlight and inspiration as long as you bring your own potions of creativity.

e) We are small, lean, mean and very very hungry. And going places. Also somewhat delusional but our charming personalities more than compensate for it.

If this is who you are, drop a cover letter and a writing sample about finance that blows away the competition to [email protected]. If you don’t have anything explosive or earth shattering please take a few days to sit down and write it. Don’t send anything less than truly inspirational.