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Yearly Archives: 2012

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Sea Shells – Another day at the beach

Three times a week we take Taha, the youngest member of our brood for his therapy on the beach. While he spends time with Parizad and Khan getting his dose of hippotherapy, Fawzia and I walk around discovering sea shells. Open Sesame Trash on the


16 free Risk Treasury Option pricing lessons

Treasury Option pricing & Risk lessons directory Over the last few years we have posted some interesting training materials cutting across Risk, Treasury Option pricing education  themes. This post compiles our best free training lessons available  on  Course Topics include: Black Scholes, Greeks & Option Pricing

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Feed Garfield out on the iPhone tops China charts

Building engaging games on multiple smart phones platforms is difficult. I should know because despite trying for many years I still haven’t built one. Building great games is a painful iterative process that includes more hits than misses. For every thirty titles you publish, if