Month: January 2012

Checking in from Bangkok. The and FTC marketing tour of Thailand.


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We first spoke about it in November when I had stopped over in Bangkok for a day to spend some time with Somkiat and given a short brief of what we are. We then exchanged a few emails and then had a kick off session for the next three days as soon as I landed. Within the next 6 hours based on our discussion Somkiat had managed to lock in almost every thing that we had wanted to get out of the Bangkok trip. We worked 12 hours for 3 straight days, spent a lot of time on the road in Bangkok, evenings enjoying Thai cuisine

Startup Training: Free Pitching for Startups video series. Pitching your dreams to investors and customers

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The pitching for startup series used with my students at the SP Jain Inst. of Management and Research in Dubai, for the P@SHA delegation at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Thailand and the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund Grant competition is now available for free.

Full disclosure. No I did not make 10’s of millions of dollars in a heartbeat by following this method. Neither will you. Like me, you will most likely fail a few times despite the fact that you memorized the pitching tools and techniques mentioned here. But that’s all right, success has always been over rated.. 🙂