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Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Checking in from Bangkok. The and FTC marketing tour of Thailand.

We first spoke about it in November when I had stopped over in Bangkok for a day to spend some time with Somkiat and given a short brief of what we are. We then exchanged a few emails and then had a kick off session for the next three days as soon as I landed. Within the next 6 hours based on our discussion Somkiat had managed to lock in almost every thing that we had wanted to get out of the Bangkok trip. We worked 12 hours for 3 straight days, spent a lot of time on the road in Bangkok, evenings enjoying Thai cuisine

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Startup Training: Free Pitching for Startups video series. Pitching your dreams to investors and customers

The pitching for startup series used with my students at the SP Jain Inst. of Management and Research in Dubai, for the [email protected] delegation at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Thailand and the [email protected] Social Innovation Fund Grant competition is now available for free.

Full disclosure. No I did not make 10’s of millions of dollars in a heartbeat by following this method. Neither will you. Like me, you will most likely fail a few times despite the fact that you memorized the pitching tools and techniques mentioned here. But that’s all right, success has always been over rated.. 🙂