Introducing – The soft launch

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The road to Decoding Finance

1. How do you extend the value at risk framework to derivative contracts?

2. What is the best way of pricing cross currency swaps?

3. How do you link stop loss to available capital?

4. Where do you start when you need to build a financial model as of yesterday?

5. Where is the framework for liquidity risk capital when you need it?

6. What’s the difference between N(d1) and N(d2)?

I asked the first question in September 1998, working at Goldman’s Prime Brokerage desk in London. I asked the last a year ago struggling to explain the concept in the simplest of terms to a very bright student in Singapore.

While there has always been material available out there (on the farthest reaches of Google search results) nobody could really hold my hand and show me what I needed to see.  At my desk.  On my terms.  In my time zone.

FourQuants is the next step in our quest for making computational finance simple, easy and accessible. What started as a resource limited to our workshop participants and students is now a platform that delivers much needed specialized training on handsets, tablets and laptops.

Your hands. Your terms. Your time zone.

Risk, computational finance, volatility  and fair price have been exotics topics shrouded in mystery for as long as I have been a student of this field. Yes there are always a select few who understand the language of models but the rest of us “ordinary mortals” could use a helping hand.

We look forward to being your guides on this adventure devoted to building, questioning, comprehending and applying models.

Jawwad Farid