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Learning how to sell for startups: Sales and Investors Pitching free online workshop


Four videos.. 2 Hours, 40 minutes and change…No fees.

Two things made this happen.

The first was seeing the full 50+ session series online for course 600 at the MIT OCW site. This is how they teach computer science at MIT (a course I once dreamed about attending). Discovered it while testing our Android Application on our sole Samsung Galaxy Note in mid January.

The second happened this Wednesday. After running the pitching your dreams to investors and customers series at the Technology Software Park in Thailand I realized that I had no rights to keep this hidden behind our shopping portal. Two of the younglings in the group came upto me after the session and asked if I had some time that I could spend with them to see what they had done. While I was running my post lunch session, one shy soul who turned out to be an upcoming prodigy in Digital Marketing got hooked up with Somkiat and WMSL to work with them on an upcoming WMSL product launch in Feb.

Whether I work with Entrepreneurs in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Singapore or Malaysia, they are all the same. Young, fresh, trusting dreamers who want nothing more out of life than a shot at changing the world. Their purity, faith and innocence (business, no slight intended :)) is so refreshing that one such encounter is enough to charge my batteries for a few months.

Go forth and change.

You shouldn’t need a credit card to hear stuff that may possibly come in handy in your journey over the next few months (likely) or years (hopefully). If it is useful and you like, drop me a line. Would love to hear from you and find out more about what you are upto (and if there is anything I can do to help derail those plans…)

The pitching for startup series used with my students at the SP Jain Inst. of Management and Research in Dubai, for the P@SHA delegation at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Thailand and the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund Grant competition is now available for free.

Here is the original launch post for the pitching for startup video course series with details about each of the individual sessions and training lessons. Depending on how much time you have, you can either do the full series above or the much shorter 55 minute edition of the Pitching case studies session

Materials in both courses is based on the work I have done with Executive MBA students in Dubai and Singapore, the pitching and mentoring workshops I have run for P@SHA in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and the final two day push we have made for the last four years at each of the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Singapore, Jakarta, Kula Lumpur and Pattaya with the P@SHA delegation.

The inspiration for this course was the Global Sales workshop run by Ken Morse and Bill Aulet in Karachi in 2007 on the MIT EF platform. And our very sobering attempt to make an elevator pitch in front of Ken Morse which was brutally shot down by the great master of pitches. As Ken said, nobody teaches you how to sell in business school, this is something you have to unfortunately learn by doing it yourself.

Full disclosure. No I did not make 10’s of millions of dollars in a heartbeat by following this method. Neither will you. Like me, you will most likely fail a few times despite the fact that you memorized the pitching tools and techniques mentioned here. But that’s all right, success has always been over rated.. 🙂

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Pitching case studies – For those of you who have an hour to spare


Pitching lesson one – Introduction to the pitching framework


Pitching lesson two – Painting your Mona Lisa


Pitching lesson three – Building your roadmap to credibility

Pitching lesson Four – Understanding Competition and CompetitiveAdvantage

Pitching lesson Five – Closing time – Part I

Pitching lesson Six – Closing time – Part II

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