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Making it easier to share high quality finance training content within your social network.

Over the last few months we have engaging our most supportive customers about their experiences at FinanceTrainingCourse.com. Here is what they told us.

a) Make it easier to shop – build a better shopping cart

b) Make it easier to share – build a better sharing experience

c) Help us get to the right point faster – build a stronger community

We spent the last four months experimenting and revamping the site experience based on your feedback. And honestly speaking had a lot of fun doing it. While we have always loved using FinanceTrainingCourse.com as our own in-house resource, the new changes based on your feedback have made this an even more amazing experience.

In mid January the new shopping cart was rolled out and was an immediate success. Last night we rolled out our new content sharing and community experience.

Here is a quick walk through of what excites us about the new functionality.

1. A cleaner, easier to navigate interface



2. Creating an account and connecting through Facebook

Now users can not only view all our courses but can actually connect to our network by creating an account. Connecting allows you to post and share content and build and create your own groups and topic guides.

All you need to do is simply use ‘Login with Facebook ‘option to create a new account. No need to fill any form or remember a new password. The account will automatically be created.

We ask you for required permissions to that will allow you to share what you like on the site. Your account is now created on FinanceTrainingCourse.com



3. What do we need an account for?

Take a look at what you can do once you have created an account. You can join groups, forums, post questions, reach out to other members and visitors and create your own custom profiles.


Finance Courses and Training Activity

Use Activity section to share and comment on specific content from within FTC or from outside.


Build your own Profile

Share your profile with your readers and followers. A few word about who you are make your questions and answers more credible. They also make it possible for other members to respond to your questions and comments.


4. Join topic specific groups and communities

When was the last time you had a question but couldn’t find the right forum for it. Go out and build your own forum.


5. Ask questions, post content, interact, make friends

Ultimately our objective was to build an open, accessible and fun community for students of Finance. We looked for more than a year to find the right platform till we found something that was as easy to work with as any other social media platform.

Come join our community and help us make finance more accessible, fun and interesting. Drop us a line and tell us what you think about the new site changes and how we can make things better.

And a big thank you for helping us get here.


Uzma, Agnes, Arbab, Fawzia and Jawwad.

The Team at FinanceTrainingCourse.com


Note: This was the previous interface of FinanceTrainingCourse.com, For current interface visit: Revealing the brand new interface of FinanceTrainingCourse.com