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User friendly – Easy-to-use – Powerful navigation

Over the last few months our graphics & user interface team has been busy working on FinanceTrainingCourse.com’s newest makeover. The result is the cleaner, simpler, more user-friendly and attractive website layout that you now see.

Our aim has been to create:

  • A neat and simple yet attractive Homepage
  • Easy navigation throughout the site
  • A user friendly learning portal
  • A powerful Search mechanism to enable you to find the material you need
  • And above all a website that will make your learning experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible

After a lot of experimentation, with still more improvements in the pipeline, we are pleased to present to you with the new Cleaner, Simpler & User Friendly FinanceTrainingCourse.com:


Simply select your desired topic from the category grid on the homepage & check all of the courses on offer at FTC for that specific topic. If your topic is not in the category grid use our powerful Search engine at the top right-hand corner of the page to find what you are looking for.

For example, let’s assume that you are looking for material on the BASEL II Accord. Click on BASEL II & III in the category grid on the homepage. You will be taken to the following category page for BASEL II & III:

Click on “Recent Posts” to view the latest free posts on your selected topic. You can also check out free articles on this topic by clicking on “All Posts” in the left navigation menu. You will be redirected to the following page which will show you all the articles available:

Click on the post you that you want to read. And remember to LIKE the post after you’re done! You may also provide your feedback or suggestions on the post in the comments section at the bottom of the page. We are always open to suggestions that could improve your e-learning experience with us.

Let’s return to the BASEL II & III category page. Click on “Free Courses” in the left navigation menu or the related section on the category page itself to view some of our free courses on the topic. You will be redirected to the following page:


Select a course and view it for free!

Click on “Learning Roadmap” in the left navigation menu or the related banner on the category page to see a pre-defined guide on how to proceed with your BASEL II & III learning experience:

From pre-requisites, to main topics, to related courses (free courses and for-sale video, pdf and excel files) the roadmap provides much needed direction to those exploring the topic for the first time.

Click on “Premium Courses” either in the left navigation menu or related banner on the category page.  You will be directed to the following page where you will be able to check all the paid courses (including Videos, PDFs & EXCEL files) available for sale:

Enjoy our simple navigation and easy-to-use presentation as you browse through our content on FTC!

Let’s return to the Homepage. Below the grid you will see five circles:

Click on “Try it for free” to view premium courses that we are currently offering for free:

View premium video courses and download PDF & EXCEL files for free!

On the homepage click on “350+ posts” and you will be directed to the following page:

View all free posts on FTC categorized by subject. Anyone interested in viewing our entire library of free articles must visit this page.

The third circle “11 Learning Roadmaps” will take you to our available collection of pre-defined topic specific guides:

Select a road map and begin your learning journey at FTC!

Click on circle number four “more than 40 video sessions” to view our entire video showcase, a complete collection of sample videos from our premium video courses:

The video samples are categorized by subject so that you can easily find and view sessions you are interested in.

Clicking on the final circle “PDF & EXCEL downloads” will take you to our paid courses page:

The page is segmented into two tabs with separate detailed lists for all EXCEL and PDF downloads available for sale at our store.

We have just walked you through some of the improvements that we have made to our website and there are many more interesting features for you to explore. We hope that they will enhance your user experience. Your response to the changes has already been very encouraging. Continue to provide us with feedback on our redesign as well as any other suggestion that may improve your experience at FTC. We look forward to your comments, suggestions & feedback.

Have a wonderful e-learning experience!!

Team Finance Training Course.