SP Jain Entrepreneurs present their pitches. EMBA Batch 23 rocks..

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In the last 17 years of teaching I have never seen a batch of students come together so well.

Yes I have seen classes that do well and gel well. I have groups that have outstanding performers. Some who have become good friends over the years. Others that we sneak out with and grab a movie once the course is done. But SP Jain’ EMBA Batch 23 is special. Its special for one simple reason. Never before have I seen a group work so hard at making sure that they all do well.

Not Adam Smith, but John Nash. In the long run what is good for the group is good for an individual.

Here are the top three pitches from this term’s Entrepreneur Crash Course. A week long course on entrepreneurship that I teach in Dubai at the SP Jain Campus in Academic city.

And for all of those who didn’t make it to the list, you don’t know how close you came. You all did me proud.


Moose – Be yourself by Abbas
Custom designed T-Shirts for every one. Abbas simplicity, clarity and delivery floored me the minute I saw this pitch. You were a winner from day one.

Cupcakes by Rubeen
Cupcakes from heaven delivered to your door. Also a not-to-do-list idea but Rubeen does a great job of putting his business across.


Wedding planner by Prit
While this was originally on the not-to-do list given that the idea has been done to death, Prit still did an amazing job of putting this pitch together. She also used music, which is generally a no, no and got away with it.

While every did exceedingly well, Abbas, Rubeen and Prit stood out because of their passion and their ability to deliver their idea and pitch with clarity and simplicity.