Building social media presence for an online financial training startup.

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Our Social Media portfolio is still a work in progress but what was started by Scheheryar Khan in June is really taking solid shape. This is in addition to our YouTube, Facebook & Linkedin
Lots of wrong turns and dead ends but great education all the same.

In terms of traffic and sales generation, given the nature of our site (Computational Finance, Treasury Models Training Courses):

a) Linkedin has done wonders for us and remains our primary focus. It beat all other channels hands down when it comes to referred converions, conversion rates, pages per view and time spent on site. That is primary because of the professional nature of the network and our content.

b) Google+ the fan base has grown at the fastest clip but traffic referral is still very week from plus. While we have built a community, there is need for a real spark.

c) We have run two experiments on Facebook with the recent one just being launched to see if we can drive sustainable traffic from our fan page to our site. Will know more after the Holidays if the second experiment actually worked as designed. But after Linkedin, Facebook is our secondary focus primary because of our ability to select and target our audience.

d) StumbleUpon and Pinterest are both works in progress and will take time We have just gotten the hang to make them work for us.

But one thing is for sure, the feedback we receive from our social media channels is really shaping the direction of our content on this site. Without that feedback loop we would be totally lost. Tell us more about what you would like us to cover, model, build and share.

Go ahead and give our pages a spin. Would love to hear your feedback on what we are doing right as well as wrong.

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