From startup failure to pitching like a pro. Reboot for iPad, ibook edition is live.

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Pitching for startups?

Reboot, 3rd edition for iPad with a brand new chapter and 7 new videos on Pitching for startups is now available at the iTune store. Download it at the launch special $4.99, valid till 31st May 2013.

It started as a labor of love.

Part obituary, part therapy, part getting the record for history right. The hope that when my kids finally read it, they would understand what drove their father mad. For it was madness that made him get up odd hours of night to work; take risks that could only be explained away by insanity.

It was also fun.

It was the book led to teaching gigs across the Middle East and Far East; crossed paths with students and mentees who became friends, colleagues & partners in crime. Ultimately it was the same group in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Singapore & Bangkok that helped create the material behind the new chapter on Pitching for startups. We used it for the P@SHA boot camp for Asia Pacific ICT Award finalists and mandatory training for the Social Innovation Fund nominees. Jakarta, Singapore, Macau, Pattaya, Kula Lumpur and most recently Brunei Darrussalam; in late night sessions pitches came together, were dismantled and tweaked. As P@SHA judges and mentors we learnt much more that we taught over the food and dreams we shared.

What’s new in the 3rd edition?

The new edition now answers the question that I have often been asked when I speak about failing as a founder. What is the one thing you could have done to save your startup?

My original list had ten items. A decade later, it is down to one. I failed because I didn’t know how to sell. The other nine are important but the inability to sell will still kill you if you got the other nine right.

Here is a list of the new material in the 3rd edition.

Pitching ground rules

We pick up where we left off in Reboot.

Pitch like a pro – interactive video course

7 videos, 246 minutes including 55 minutes on pitching case studies.

Customer Persona and customer development – 3 case studies

3 separate case studies on 3 distinct customer segments that add more level of detail

The Avicena Story – Book one and two

And the old book is still a pleasure to read on the brand new ibook interface.


Pitching for startup – Preface to the 3rd edition

Read the Preface to the 3rd edition

 Pitching for startups РAuthor profile

Jawwad Farid ran his first venture into the ground in Southern California at the turn of the century. Since then he has helped multiple startup fail, reboot and succeed.

While he wears many hats, his primary passion remains the pursuit of the perfect pitch and the many holes in the ground that precede it.

Jawwad teaches Entrepreneurship & Risk Management at the SP Jain Campus in Dubai and Singapore and works as a co-founder at and Alchemy Technologies. He is a Fellow Society of Actuaries, a MBA from Columbia Business School and a FAST ICS alumni.

Jawwad is a mentor for the P@SHA ICT Awards, a Judge for the Asia Pacific ICT Awards, an advisor to the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund and the EduEnrich Education Foundation.

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