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Every year we roll out our special pricing in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers. This year we have created an exciting set of offers for CPA and AICPA members interested in continuing professional education – CPE credits compliance for the 2014.

Take as much as US$150 off on our inventory of exciting financial risk management NASBA QAS sponsor approved CPE Credit courses. Each courses includes a combination of video lectures, online study notes, self assessment and a final exam used to determine retention of concepts and topics by the audience.  Generally priced at our higher tiered pricing, all NASBA approved CPE courses have been discounted by as much as 70% for this year end offer.  Take a look, give the offers a spin.

Black Friday CPE Credit Discount Offers for CPA and AICPA members.
Black Friday CPE Credit Discount Offers for CPA and AICPA members.

Alternatively before you purchase the CPE courses, take our latest full length risk management video course – The Quant Crash Course – an short and sweet introduction to basic concepts in risk management – for a complimentary dry run.  If you are interested in something a little heavier try understanding N(d1) and N(d2) – an inutitive derivative of the Black Scholes formula followed by a Excel based approach to differentiate between N(d1) and N(d2). Both course give you a sense of our approach to teaching computational finance topics as well as the user experience behind our online course offering.

Both courses are now available for free. Simply add them to your shopping cart and checkout. You will receive a complimentary user id and password that can be used to access the courses for 30 days.

Quant Crash Course – A 117 minute introduction to basics of financial risk management
Understanding N(d1) and N(d2). A 100 minute review of Black Scholes probabilities.