Hob House – Kenya Art Collection.

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Hob House – Kenya Art Collection

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my brilliant stay at Hob House – a hidden Nairobi gem that also moonlights as a bed and breakfast. While I spoke about Kelly’s hospitality and her magical kitchen I didn’t really get a chance to highlight all the lovely artwork on display by local artists, for sale at Hob House.  The art work adds as much to the ambiance at Hob House as do all of its other redeeming qualities.

Here are a few samples of what I saw. They don’t do justice to the pieces at all because I was in a rush to head out to the airport to catch my flight and just pointed and shot without any consideration for lightening or colors. But despite my shoddy work with the lens, they pictures do give an indication of the quality of the pieces and the unique and different style used by the artists.

If you are interested in buying a piece, please feel free to reach out directly to Kelly at Hob House.


Elephant dance

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Jawwad Farid

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