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Monthly Archives: March 2016


Khuda Buksh EFU Years

  Khuda Buksh EFU Years. Aba’s tribute to Khuda Buksh continues with a recall of his years at EFU. Remember that Mr. Khuda Buksh passed away on May 13th, 1974 in Dacca. The war happened in 1971 but by then he had already left EFU

Liquidity Gap

Liquidity gap – Implementation.

Liquidity Gap Implementation challenges. A quick review of common liquidity gap implementation challenges as part of the bank asset liability management platform implementation.  What is Liquidity Gap? The liquidity gap reports presents a summarized view of the bank’s balance sheet by breaking total assets and liabilities

RCSA Process

RCSA Case study

RCSA Case study and Example. A simplified RCSA case study that showcases how the RCSA process works. We have been engaged to conduct a risk control self-assessment exercise for the front office treasury group at a bank. We are following the RCSA process presented below. RCSA case study


Hob House – Nairobi’s secret treasure

Hob House – Nairobi’s secret treasure. Travelling one hundred thousand miles a year, year over year, changes you. For one you tend to not get surprised by “expected” surprises. Plans go off, flights get delayed, baggage misplaced and appointments missed. This does not include screw