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Monthly Archives: June 2016


Dubai Training series. FX Options, CVA and ALM.

Dubai Training – Power Workshops Announcing three new Dubai training workshops (Instructor led) in our brand new Power workshop series. Planned dates are last week of July. Three in demand topics. Three days.  For Treasury, Finance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit team members and audiences

Driving bank consolidation

Bank consolidation and M&A drivers.

Bank consolidation and M&A drivers It is that time of the year again within the banking industry in the Middle East. The move for bank consolidation and the need to roll out and brush the dust off our bank M&A models.  Like every other industry


A year’s worth of shoes.

A year’s worth of shoes There was a new message waiting for me on Linkedin.  It said: I had never met Mujtaba Kadri before. Other than our common Linkedin ancestry, there was no bond or overlap till this May in our lives. It was a

DIB Tamweel case study

Bank Valuation case study. DIB acquisition of Tamweel.

Bank Valuation case study. DIB’s acquisition of Tamweel. Dubai Islamic Bank’s (DIB) acquisition of Tamweel PJSC serves as our second case study for the upcoming Bank valuation course.  The case study serves as a basis for discussion for the acquisition of a single product business


FAS 157 Fair value liabilities disclosure

FAS 157 Fair value liabilities disclosure. Term B loans, credit lines, revolvers and LCs. Fair values of highly customized and ill-liquid credit instruments like institutional Term B loans, credit lines, revolving credit facilities, letters of credit, etc., are determined using assumptions and inputs that are


FAS 157 Term B syndicated loans fair value disclosure

FAS 157 Term B syndicated loans fair value disclosure Term B loans are used as a source of funding for capital purposes by corporations. The loans usually are subject to a number of covenants such as performance criteria e.g. maintenance of minimum coverage ratios, restrictions


Fair value disclosure FAS 157 Revolving credit facilities

Fair value FAS 157 disclosure. Revolving credit facilities. Revolving credit facilities may be availed for a number of different reasons – for operating lines, back up lines, to reimburse letters of credit (LC) issued to subsidiaries, etc. There is an aggregate commitment amount that may