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Monthly Archives: November 2016


Building Excel portfolio management worksheet.

Building Excel Portfolio Management worksheets.  On day one of our course on portfolio management we introduced basic concepts and challenges of portfolio management. We also introduced the securities universe we are planning to use for our five day workshop. On day two we begin building our Excel


Social Champ. A user review

Social Champ. The overnight social referral transformer. I will be the first to admit. I don’t get social media. Last week I ran into something exotic that despite my ignorance and incompetence made me generate social media referrals and conversion rates I had never experienced before. When it


Portfolio management – Risk and Return

Portfolio Management. Risk and return. What is the first image or thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term Portfolio management? Making money trading shares? Figuring out allocation of investments across a group of selected securities? Changing market prices and volatility? Capital


Probability of Default: Deutsche Bank – November 2016

The financial strength of Deutsche Bank has been the subject of main stream financial news throughout this year. Analysts have been commenting on the bank’s likelihood of default, its ability to maintain ratings, to make money and increase capital, in light of litigation woes, downsizing,


Portfolio management course Dubai

Portfolio Management and Optimization I am teaching a new course on portfolio management and portfolio optimization at the S P Jain School of Management and Research in Dubai starting this Saturday.  The sessions will run for six evenings for a group of Executive MBA students