Advanced Derivatives Crash Course – Structured products, credit derivatives, exotics


Derivative Instruments – Terms, concepts, and Glossary, A-Z
Online Finance – Option Terminology Glossary – Greeks, exotics and volatility
Online Finance – Computational Finance Glossary – Tongue twisters from the financial modeling world
Online Finance – Interest Rate Swaps – Terminology, concepts, glossary
Online Finance – Exotic Derivatives – Multi Asset Options
Online Finance – Exotic derivative products – Compound options

Exotic products, structured notes, interest rate swaps and credit derivatives

Online Finance – Exotic Derivative products – Digitals, Range Forwards and Participating Forwards
Online Finance – Exotic Derivative products – Adjustable Strikes, Asian, Barrier options
Credit derivatives – Total return swaps, asset swaps and credit default options

A review of advanced derivative topics

Derivative Trading: Revisiting spreads, straddles and other trades
Structured Notes – Structured note term sheets for dummies