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ODP and Staples: Ratio Analysis case study

Ratio analysis case study – Staples & Office Depot Staples is one of the largest retailers of Office Supplies in the US. In 1999, its Sales amounted to $7 billion while Net Income was $185 million, up $18 million from the previous year. The firm

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Ratio Analysis: Understanding the language: Session I – A

Concept Title: Financial Terms Concept Description: Gives detailed description of financial terms including Insolvency, Cost Functions, Dividends and Net Working Capital Insolvency ‘Insolvency’ is the situation in which a firm’s assets are unable to pay or cover its liabilities. Insolvency could be short term or

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Learning Corporate Finance – course guide

Here is the structure of the full course. This should help with Navigation The first course in Corporate Finance – Session Zero Session I – B: Corporate Finance: Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash flows Session II-A: Corporate Finance: The Balance

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