The Pitching for Startup Course – A guide to presenting winning pitches for your business plans

8 mins read time Since that fateful day in 2006 when we first became victims of Ken’s infamous elevator pitch plank run (as in pirate ship, Blackbeard, et. all) I have spent time on both sides of the table. I have tried to internalize as much of what Ken taught me as possible by doing what he asked us to do, by pitching, by teaching others to pitch and by helping some of the really great companies from my market get the word out. I did that as a presenter, as a mentor, an investor, a banker and a judge.

Startup School: Starting up Crash Course: The PASHA Social Innovation Fund Interviews Video Series

< 1 min read Jawwad Farid and Jehan Ara walk through common questions startups ask themselves while starting up. From ideas to people, from plans to executive summaries. We review what it takes to become a Entrepreneur, how do you move beyond your great idea, building a team, an executive summary and do you really need a business plan.

Teaching Entrepreneurship online

5 mins read time Can you teach Entrepreneurship online? Forget teaching, can you learn something about starting a business online?

The debate started when Jehan and I first started talking about doing a series similar to the work we have been doing with computational finance on Learning Corporate Finance. I ran a couple of trial videos but wasn’t happy with the results so killed the work we had done in March. Then April somehow became the month of speaking engagements – first for Microsoft/PASHA Catalyst, then NUST and TAN and finally the PASHA – CIPE Young ones round table this Monday morning.