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ICAAP Learning Roadmap

Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process – Learning Roadmap

We begin with an overview and discussion of the core concepts of ICAAP and the background behind Basel II. We also present some of the changes that Basel III has in store regarding Capital Adequacy requirements. These topics are considered in the following courses:

We discuss Economic Capital used to account for unexpected risk in particular we present an alternative model for estimating economic capital for banking industry:

The VaR measure is a very important tool for the ICAAP process. The following courses review its calculation methodology and use of the VaR measure:

Other topics that will be useful for assessing risk and capital requirements are:

Of the courses mentioned above, on-line video ICAAP related courses (view only and downloadable versions) on the following subjects are available for sale at our Finance Course Store:

The following ICAAP and related courses are also available for sale in pdf (non-print and print versions) formats at our Finance Course Store:

Excel examples of certain ICAAP concepts are also available for sale at our Finance Course Store: