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On rational thinking. Rationality is overrated.

Rationality is overrated. On rational thinking. A few months ago I was asked to address an audience of budding actuaries. As I spoke to them about model building, I touched upon the fatal attraction of rationality in making bigger choices and decisions. Of how it deceives


Non traditional actuarial careers

Non traditional Actuarial Careers. On 19th October 2016, the Pakistan Society of Actuaries graciously invited me to speak on non traditional actuarial careers to an audience comprising largely of actuarial students. The objective was to give them a purview of all the non-actuarial things actuaries

Actuaries are boring – My life as an actuary

Actuaries are boring. Musings on actuarial careers One of my favorite interview question that throws candidates into all kinds of hissy fits is: “What do you think you will be doing every day once you start working at our firm. You walk in the door

475 North Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL

475. North Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL. It’s the address – etched deep inside my memory. For eleven years as I registered for actuarial exams, took them, anticipated results and wrote to the Society of Actuaries (SOA), the snail mail address that I wrote down hundreds

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Enterprise Risk Management Symposium, Chicago – Takeaways

Enterprise Risk Management – Chicago Symposium – Highlights. Day One – ERM Pre Seminar – Forecasting Extreme Events Professor Guntram is really upset at Nassim Taleb. Nassim’s logic has never been perfect but he speaks from his heart as a practitioner. I can relate to

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Data Analysis – Snapshots of an Excel Evangelist

I ran the data analysis using Microsoft Excel for activists yesterday afternoon for [email protected] and Sheba Najmi’s Civic Hackathon. Was caught in the act by [email protected] Saira Khan at T2F with [email protected], T2F, Pring and 70 others attendees as witnesses. Organized on the 6th and

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