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The call of the Koel (read: Koyel)

The Call of the Koyel Once upon a time in a different life we didn’t need a thermo nuclear reactor to support all the air conditioning we need today to prevent a core melt down in Karachi’s mid summer heat. I remember sleeping with the

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Singapore Forest Top Walk – Random snaps

One of my favorite past times in Singapore is the Forest Top walk.  Accessible at the Alexandra Arch (Hort Park), right next to the SP Jain Campus, the walk has been my constant companion since 2009 when an old student introduced me to it (thank

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Long billed Hoopoe or a Crowned Woodpecker? You decide

Long billed Hoopoe or a crowned woodpecker? A well rounded education in Finance includes an awareness of the environment around you. This long billed bird has been prospecting in our office lawn for the last few months.  Armed with our Kite catching camera, we took

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Karachi Kites at the Karachi Horse Riding School

I had always wanted to do this but never had the right camera, lights, poses or models. This morning while Taha did his hippotherapy session with Haseeb at the Karachi Riding School, Fawzia and I found a couple of cooperative Karachi Kites who were lazy