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Google for Entrepreneurs Week – Slidedeck

Google for Entrepreneurs Week Presentation slide deck For two consecutive Saturdays, I was invited by a group of close friends to speak about Startup Failure. Last Saturday the audience was primarily students and young professionals at IBA new auditorium. This Saturday, it was a mixed

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The new text book on risk.

I owe all of you an apology. You must be wondering where in the world have we disappeared to. It’s one thing for me to wander off to Nairobi and not come back, it is a different story when the entire team pulls a disappearing

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Yahoo-Tumblr Math?

Yahoo-Tumblr acquisition – How did the math work out? I think there are multiple methods at work here:  a) Traffic Integration – What is Tumblr’s Traffic worth to Yahoo? What can Yahoo sell to these customers or sell these customers for? Over the next 5 years  how