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Shot by Zaka Shafiq at Columbia Business School

I had always wondered what it would feel like to be shot by the remarkable Zaka Shafiq. Zaka is a Columbia Business School Class of 2013 candidate who is really handy with a lens. We have all seen his work over the last two years

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The Pitching for Startup Course – A guide to presenting winning pitches for your business plans

Since that fateful day in 2006 when we first became victims of Ken’s infamous elevator pitch plank run (as in pirate ship, Blackbeard, et. all) I have spent time on both sides of the table. I have tried to internalize as much of what Ken taught me as possible by doing what he asked us to do, by pitching, by teaching others to pitch and by helping some of the really great companies from my market get the word out. I did that as a presenter, as a mentor, an investor, a banker and a judge.

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Business Plan Pitches: SP Jain EMBA Students take a shot at pitching their dreams

While it is difficult to get a pitch out in less than 18 hours of class room instructions, most students really put their heart out in sharing their dreams. Still there are a number of common pitfalls that we see every year that if addressed can dramatically increase the quality of their pitches. Here is my shortlist of why a plan would not make it to the shortlist of business plan pitches below


US Credit Rating Downgrade: Commodities price impact: Using gold to price oil

If we assume that when it comes to relative value Gold is doing a better job of predicting what something is really worth, how does that translate into cost? On average a barrel of oil costs about 0.0668 ounce of Gold. This puts fair value of a barrel of oil at about 114 using the average, at about 85 using the low over the last 3 years (including the dip last week) and at about 135 using the high of .08 over the same period.