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US Credit Rating Downgrade: Commodities price impact: Using gold to price oil

If we assume that when it comes to relative value Gold is doing a better job of predicting what something is really worth, how does that translate into cost? On average a barrel of oil costs about 0.0668 ounce of Gold. This puts fair value of a barrel of oil at about 114 using the average, at about 85 using the low over the last 3 years (including the dip last week) and at about 135 using the high of .08 over the same period.


ICAAP Strategic Risk – Estimating ICAAP Capital reserve for Strategic Risk

Why is modeling strategic risk for ICAAP so difficult? Perhaps one reason is that unlike Value at Risk (VaR) or Credit Risk, there is no agreed upon, accepted, unified framework or tool to measure, report or track the capital required to recover from a strategic misstep. What further complicates the capital estimation exercise is the fact that strategic initiatives and resulting challenges at each bank are different

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Actuarial Mathematics – Introduction to Commutation Functions

While our generation of actuaries grew up with continuous time mathematics, my first exposure to actuarial functions and actuarial mathematics came through a chapter on commutation functions. A computational tool for easing the mathematics associated with repetitive calculations I grew so hooked to them that

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Top courses, posts and pages in November

Welcome to the new home of Learning Corporate Finance. Here are the top courses, pages and post views as of November 2010. Given the volume of posts we have now introduced a new Post Index feature that allows you to easily browse through all the