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Faisal Khan @Habib University

Thirteen takeaways for graduation – Faisal Khan.

Thirteen takeaways for graduation. The one and only Faisal Khan was in town to attend a family wedding. When we found out that this time his transit in Karachi on his way to Istanbul was going to extend beyond a few days we shamelessly asked


Non traditional actuarial careers

Non traditional Actuarial Careers. On 19th October 2016, the Pakistan Society of Actuaries graciously invited me to speak on non traditional actuarial careers to an audience comprising largely of actuarial students. The objective was to give them a purview of all the non-actuarial things actuaries

Why you should attempt things that scare you?

Maths or Computer Science? Running into the Wall

Maths or Computer Science. Running into the Wall. Or why as a teenager you should do doing things that scare you. I was 19 years old. It was a warm November afternoon. I couldn’t figure out how to answer the question staring back at me

Actuaries are boring – My life as an actuary

Actuaries are boring. Musings on actuarial careers One of my favorite interview question that throws candidates into all kinds of hissy fits is: “What do you think you will be doing every day once you start working at our firm. You walk in the door

Sales & Trading interview guide

Sales & Trading interview guide – quantitative topics

Sales & Trading interview guide – Quantitative topics Its that time of the year again. You have made it through the initial selection rounds but you are worried about the quantitative interview. If you are one of the lucky few, you already have an offer but you