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Asia Pacific ICT Awards – Meet the candidates that rocked Pattaya.

Each year as a judge and a mentor I fall in love with a handful of ideas and products. Each year some win, some don’t. This year there were six ideas that we believed in from the minute we saw their applications and pitches for the [email protected] ICT Awards 2011. All six of them put their heart into making a pitch at APICTA 2011, Pattaya, Thailand. All six blew away the judges with the quality of their presentation and their effort. They did an amazing job with the feedback mentors provided them and it wasn’t just the Pakistani judges on their panel who noticed

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More sample pitches: makes it case

Quick update on First, checkout their Eid special with Zeb and Haniya Its a great example of two outstanding team collaborating to make beautiful music together…Four women, One in Lahore, one in Isloo, two in Karachi. Jazz, kids animation, e-learning, Kohat, Lahore and Karachi.

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Market Risk Metrics – Jensen’s Alpha

Jensen’s Alpha is the risk-adjusted performance metric that measures a portfolio manager’s returns against those of a benchmark. For asset allocation, the portfolio consists of the instrument (e.g. equity stock) being analyzed and the benchmark is a broad market index (e.g. S&P 500) – in

Stop loss limits review triggers - volatility, breaches, capital, profitability, liquidity

Liquidity Risk Management – A framework for estimating liquidity risk capital for a bank

Capital estimation for Liquidity Risk Management is a difficult exercise. It comes up as part of the internal liquidity risk management process as well as the internal capital adequacy assessment process (ICAAP). This post and the liquidity risk management series that follows suggests a framework for ongoing discussion based on the work done by our team with a number of regional banking customers


ODP and Staples: Ratio Analysis case study

Ratio analysis case study – Staples & Office Depot Staples is one of the largest retailers of Office Supplies in the US. In 1999, its Sales amounted to $7 billion while Net Income was $185 million, up $18 million from the previous year. The firm


Electronic Arts (EA): Corporate Finance Case Study

Case Study – Electronic Arts With 1.4 billion dollars in annual revenues, Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the largest publishers of games for personal computers, Nintendo, Sega and Sony consoles.  Between March 1999 and March 2000, EA released a total of 69 games including