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London Whale – Casestudy and Timeline

The J P Morgan Chase London Whale case study A Synthetic Credit Portfolio trader, Bruno Iksil, was given the title of the “London Whale” in the April 6, 2012 issue of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. (Hurtado) This case study focuses on the reasons


Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) Oil Hedging 2007 – Casestudy

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) made oil price hedging deals with several banks in 2007 without employing the proper expertise for such a complex option. When the oil market crashed, the hedging deals’ negative payoff for CPC reached several hundred millions. CPC defaulted on the hedging

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Why did Jeff Bezos buy The Washington Post?

Why did Yahoo buy Tumbler or Facebook buy Instagram or Google buy YouTube? For Jeff or any other technology company married to the conversion game it comes down to content and traffic.  While we may disagree with the opinions and orientations of the Post, the

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment – From risk exposure to impact.

Risk assessment. Estimating Exposure. Emirates Airline Emirates airline is a leading Middle Eastern airline known for its commitment to redefining business travel and operating the largest business and first class transit lounges in the world at Dubai Airport. Emirates flies 40 million passengers a year

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Pitching for your startup? Reboot for iPad is here

Why do startups fail? No, really, why do we fail? Why isn’t an even mix of ambition, inspiration, hard work, talent, drive, commitment and creativity enough? And why more often than not, a superior mix of the above ingredients fares much worse than a much