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Market volatility. Are markets more volatile today?

Market Volatility – Are markets more volatile today? 2016 edition. I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about market volatility recently. Market volatility has many faces but there are two specific ones that interest traders. If you trade options for a living,

The evolution of Bank Stress Test.

Bank Stress Test. A changing model. Bank failures are such a traumatic event for society. Think of bank failure and the first few images that come to our mind are tragedy and social upheaval. Pre 2008 our generation had only heard of the great depression.

Credit Memo. Tips for credit committee presentations

Presenting credit memo for credit committee approval The credit committee or loan committee review meeting is the final trial by fire for the loan proposal (credit memo) prepared by the loan officer and the credit analyst.  While credit risk as a function and a business

Six years.

Six years. It was a class room in Uris Hall. On the third floor during Don Sexton’s course on international marketing. Late night around 9 pm on a Thursday after the halfway point break to steal a few slices of pizza from the happy hour

Why you should attempt things that scare you?

Maths or Computer Science? Running into the Wall

Maths or Computer Science. Running into the Wall. Or why as a teenager you should do doing things that scare you. I was 19 years old. It was a warm November afternoon. I couldn’t figure out how to answer the question staring back at me

RCSA Process

RCSA Case study

RCSA Case study and Example. A simplified RCSA case study that showcases how the RCSA process works. We have been engaged to conduct a risk control self-assessment exercise for the front office treasury group at a bank. We are following the RCSA process presented below. RCSA case study

Credit scoring. An alternate approach

Credit scoring – an alternate approach What is credit scoring? Credit scoring is a tool for segregating client credit exposures based on expected default behavior. It uses a number of techniques to grade clients based on their credit worthiness.  From a portfolio and risk management

Iran oil economy. Has spring really come to Tehran?

Iran oil economy. Nowroz comes to Tehran. Nowroz, the Persian New Year arrives 21st March.  As Tehran shrugs off a mild winter there is optimism about coming months. Iran’s journey on the road of isolation ended in December 2015. The flurry of activity it triggered is

Zen of building risk models. Balls or barrels?

The Zen of building risk models. A model builder speaks about his reason for being. Ask the right question. Answer it quick. The model will take care of itself. That is all there is to building great models.  I build models. In 1987 when I was

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