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How big is the difference in monthly retirement payments due to the impact of taxes and fees over the savings cycle?

Impact of taxes and fees on retirement savings and spending

Impact of taxes and fees on retirement savings and spending Let’s begin with a simple question. When it comes to managing money, how much impact do small mistakes or decisions make? Minor oversights like fund management fees or taxes? After all how much difference do


NASBA QAS CPE Approved Courses. Enterprise Risk Management series

NASBA QAS CPE Credits Online. You are a CPA, CMA, CIA or a practicing certified public accountant searching for a NASBA / QAS approved continuing professional education courses for your continuing education compliance needs. You are interested in NASBA QAS approved courses that are in a

Actuaries are boring – My life as an actuary

Actuaries are boring. Musings on actuarial careers One of my favorite interview question that throws candidates into all kinds of hissy fits is: “What do you think you will be doing every day once you start working at our firm. You walk in the door


A rose by any name…

A rose by any name… Help us pick a name for Book Two John Whitney at Columbia Business School? used to say that in the Navy we forgive you if you shoot yourself in the foot. We won’t if you do it twice. I think


SOA 3F/MFE – Modelling Financial Economics Exam Guide

The SOA 3F/MFE exam is a 3 hour long exam with no breaks in between. It consist of 30 multiple choice questions. MFE test theoretical basis of financial models and the application of those models to insurance and other financial risks. It is a little

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Yahoo-Tumblr Math?

Yahoo-Tumblr acquisition – How did the math work out? I think there are multiple methods at work here:  a) Traffic Integration – What is Tumblr’s Traffic worth to Yahoo? What can Yahoo sell to these customers or sell these customers for? Over the next 5 years  how

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The Funnies – October 2012 Edition

That’s it. Can no longer call these Finance funnies. Our selection for the last few months and the next few months will remain distincly political as the world focuses on the upcoming US election. And apparrently so does the creative talent in our time zones.

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