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How big is the difference in monthly retirement payments due to the impact of taxes and fees over the savings cycle?

Impact of taxes and fees on retirement savings and spending

Impact of taxes and fees on retirement savings and spending Let’s begin with a simple question. When it comes to managing money, how much impact do small mistakes or decisions make? Minor oversights like fund management fees or taxes? After all how much difference does

Actuaries are boring – My life as an actuary

Actuaries are boring. Musings on actuarial careers One of my favorite interview question that throws candidates into all kinds of hissy fits is: “What do you think you will be doing every day once you start working at our firm. You walk in the door


SOA 3F/MFE – Modelling Financial Economics Exam Guide

The SOA 3F/MFE exam is a 3 hour long exam with no breaks in between. It consist of 30 multiple choice questions. MFE test theoretical basis of financial models and the application of those models to insurance and other financial risks. It is a little

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SOA Exam MFE/3F free course materials and paid for online video courses for MFE exam 2011

As part of your preparation for your final attempt you have been looking for anything that can provide the extra edge for your MFE / 3F attempt. While the material below was not prepared keeping the SOA curriculum in mind it takes a hands on excel based approach in illustrating the many concepts covered in the MFE / 3F exams. Our hope is that this extra bit will clear the final muddle about that elusive concept that you had been struggling with. The links below covers interest rate models (CIR and BDT), Binomial Trees, Black Scholes Model, Pricing Derivative securities, differentiating between N(d1) and N(d2), exotic product and options, investment and portfolio management concepts

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Solvency II: Capital Requirements

Solvency II Solvency II is an EU legislation that sets out the capital requirement rules for direct life and non-life insurance and reinsurance companies which are already established or wish to be established within the European Union. Companies that fall within the scope of the

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Gratuity Valuation: IAS 19 Disclosures: Simple Example Continued

 Pre-requisite to this post: Review of International Accounting Standard (IAS) 19- Employee Benefits [1] In order to illustrate the IAS Disclosures that will be prepared for the given simple example let us first assume the following: Emily is the only employee covered by the plan