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Old Friends – The APICTA connection

Over the years the Asia Pacific ICT Awards has been the breeding grounds for many friendships across countries and continents. Sometimes we meet as judges on the same panel, inspired by the brilliance of candidates we are evaluating. Before we were judges a number of

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Asia Pacific ICT Awards – And the results are out

After winning 7 silvers in 2010 at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2010 held in Kuala Lumpur in October of last year, the [email protected] (Pakistan Software Houses Association) led and sponsored Pakistan delegation tonight delivered another stunning performance in front of the who’s who of the technology industry in the Asia Pacific region.

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Give me one moment in time…

You flew the flag, you gave it your best shot and you have already made us proud. Remember that one moment in time when everything you had worked at came together. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; for that one 25 minute slot you were the center of universe for all of us. You were free and we loved you for it.

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The Asia Pacific ICT Awards – To Bangkok, Pattaya and beyond – The Journey begins

The formula that worked was simple. As we had suspected in Macau and Singapore, it wasn’t rocket science. Pick a good product idea that deserves to win. Pick a team that wants to win and is willing to put in the effort required. Pair them with a mentor who has either judged or pitched at APICTA. Review their presentations and get through at least two iterations before you hit the airport. When you land at the venue, book a conference room for two nights. Lock nominees and judges together till 2 am in the morning and don’t let any contestant sleep till their mentor is happy with flow and the slide deck. Repeat if necessary.