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Ten things to do in Karachi when you are dead.

Ten Things to do in Karachi when you are dead (with apologies to “Things to do in Denver when you are dead”) 1. Salivate at the F-104 Star Fighter at the Karachi Air force Museum I suffer from Larry Ellison syndrome. Most geeks dream of

The Twins

Getting Published. Our road to a publishing contract.

Getting Published. My road to publishing contract. The short answer is that I was incredibly lucky. I wrote and shared something on Linkedin last November that caught the eye of an editor who wrote back. Two calls, eight emails and six months later I had

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Yahoo-Tumblr Math?

Yahoo-Tumblr acquisition – How did the math work out? I think there are multiple methods at work here:  a) Traffic Integration – What is Tumblr’s Traffic worth to Yahoo? What can Yahoo sell to these customers or sell these customers for? Over the next 5 years  how

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Pitching for your startup? Reboot for iPad is here

Why do startups fail? No, really, why do we fail? Why isn’t an even mix of ambition, inspiration, hard work, talent, drive, commitment and creativity enough? And why more often than not, a superior mix of the above ingredients fares much worse than a much