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Sales and Trading Interview Guide: Understanding Greeks – Preface

Sales and Trading Interview Guide: Option Greeks Primer – Preface A word of fair warning. This is a trivial book by quantitative standards. It is trivial because as a handbook it doesn’t present proof, pose revolutionary solutions or spend time deriving interesting partial differential equations (PDE).

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Can you write? We are hiring…

We are hiring…The chance to work with a mentor who could help you find your true self? Define new boundaries, discover new domains..

Perhaps you are not the writing type? You are just looking for the editor who would help you take your craft to the next level? Help you get noticed and picked up by the Journal..

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Technology Head of Operations role: US Based client, offshore team

The Client A market leader providing enterprise-grade software solutions and advisory services that address the complex regulatory, compliance and fair value needs of financial institutions.  While financial institutions have always faced a myriad of regulatory and accounting compliance scrutiny, as a result of the financial