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The Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns…

Jawwad Farid Very excited about the new artwork, branding and design behind the Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns launching later this week. After a first round of testing the 90 second video spot has now been finalized and will go live on Youtube later

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Market Risk Metrics – Sharpe and Treynor Ratios

Sharpe Ratio The Sharpe Ratio measures total risk-adjusted return. The value specifically is the ratio of excess return over the risk free rate to the riskiness of the investment as given by the volatility of investment’s returns i.e. it measures the return per unit of

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Market Risk Metrics – Introduction

Market risk is the risk that movements in market prices will adversely impact the value of an investment. There are four principal categories of market risk or risk factors: equity risk, interest rate risk, currency risk and commodity risk. Exposure to market risk for a

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