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FourQuants does iPad Risk books on ALM, Risk, VaR and Treasury Management releases new interactive iBooks titles for iPad on Risk, Investment & Treasury Management. Calculating Value at Risk (VaR) and Understanding Asset Liability Management (ALM) for iPad are now available for risk and banking professionals exclusively on the iBookStore. 23rd July 2012. today announced the release

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Selling Treasury Derivative products: Estimating client exposure to crude oil price volatility

This is the transcript from the video recording for session three of selling treasury products where we use the case study of an oil refinery to show how to translate impact of crude oil price volatility into P&L and margin impact. This impact forms the basis for exposure estimation used to suggest an oil price hedging solution to a customer impacted by a change in crude oil prices.

Cross selling treasury products – Pitching commodity trading ideas to corporate clients

Price volatility in crude oil, gold, silver, cotton, sugarcane, wheat and cereals has created an unprecedented opportunity for corporate relationship managers to cross sell treasury products to their institutional, trading, manufacturing and high net worth customers. We present below a framework for empowering client facing treasury teams to go out and cross sell high value, high margin trading concepts to clients by educating customers about their exposures and some of the solutions available to reduce the risk associated with the same exposures.

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Commodity Trading Course Package

By the end of the two day workshop participants will be able to:
a)      Appreciate the linkage between commodity markets (precious metals, crude oil), currencies and rates
b)      Trace the impact of monetary policy announcements on commodity markets
c)       Explain trading strategies using futures, options and exotic products
d)      Understand trading triggers
e)      Derive risk limits for counterparty exposures