Business Plan Pitches: SP Jain EMBA Students take a shot at pitching their dreams


5 mins read

While it is difficult to get a pitch out in less than 18 hours of class room instructions, most students really put their heart out in sharing their dreams. Still there are a number of common pitfalls that we see every year that if addressed can dramatically increase the quality of their pitches. Here is my shortlist of why a plan would not make it to the shortlist of business plan pitches below

Startup School: Starting up Crash Course: The PASHA Social Innovation Fund Interviews Video Series

1 min read

Jawwad Farid and Jehan Ara walk through common questions startups ask themselves while starting up. From ideas to people, from plans to executive summaries. We review what it takes to become a Entrepreneur, how do you move beyond your great idea, building a team, an executive summary and do you really need a business plan.