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Asset Liability Management

  1. The ALM Crash course and survival guide
  2. Duration & Convexity Calculation Example
  3. Interest Rate Simulation Crash Course
  4. Liquidity Risk Management Case Studies

Capital Adequacy

  1. Basel III – Liquidity Framework – Reforms to Global Liquidity Risk Regulations
  2. Basel III: Basel II Framework Revisions
  3. Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) – Overview and Core concepts
  4. Middle Office review: Middle Office External Audit and review

Corporate Finance

  1. Corporate Finance: First Course
  2. Credit Analysis
  3. Credit Process
  4. Master Case: AMD: Valuation and Projections: Case Guide
  5. Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp
  6. Master Case: Credit Process: Baldwin Piano
  7. Master Case: Electronic Arts: Corporate Finance
  8. Master Case: Office Depot: Ratio Analysis
  9. Master Case: Ratio Analysis: ODP and Staples
  10. Online Corporate Finance: The story behind finance courses finance case walk through
  11. Ratio Analysis
  12. WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) & Beta

Derivatives Pricing

  1. Advanced Derivatives Crash Course – Structured products, credit derivatives, exotics
  2. Computational Finance: Building Monte Carlo (MC) Simulators in Excel
  3. Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Financial Engineering – Equation Reference
  4. Derivative Products
  5. Derivatives Crash Course for Dummies
  6. Interest Rate Options – Pricing Caps and Floors
  7. Options pricing with Binomial trees in Excel spreadsheets
  8. Pricing Interest Rate Swaps – The valuation and MTM course

Risk Management

  1. Calculating Value at Risk (VaR)
  2. Collateral Valuation in Credit Risk Management Course
  3. Correlation
  4. Market Risk Metrics
  5. Master Class: Risk for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry
  6. Setting Counterparty Limits, Market Risk Limits & Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Limits

Treasury Products

  1. Treasury Operations


  1. Accounting Crash Course
  2. Actuarial Valuation of Pension and Gratuity Defined Benefit Plans