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Asset Liability Management

  1. The ALM Crash course and survival guide
  2. Duration & Convexity Calculation Example
  3. Interest Rate Simulation Crash Course
  4. Liquidity Risk Management Case Studies

Capital Adequacy

  1. Basel III – Liquidity Framework – Reforms to Global Liquidity Risk Regulations
  2. Basel III: Basel II Framework Revisions
  3. Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) – Overview and Core concepts
  4. Middle Office review: Middle Office External Audit and review

Corporate Finance

  1. Corporate Finance: First Course
  2. Credit Analysis
  3. Credit Process
  4. Master Case: AMD: Valuation and Projections: Case Guide
  5. Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp
  6. Master Case: Credit Process: Baldwin Piano
  7. Master Case: Electronic Arts: Corporate Finance
  8. Master Case: Office Depot: Ratio Analysis
  9. Master Case: Ratio Analysis: ODP and Staples
  10. Online Corporate Finance: The story behind finance courses finance case walk through
  11. Ratio Analysis
  12. WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) & Beta

Derivatives Pricing

  1. Advanced Derivatives Crash Course – Structured products, credit derivatives, exotics
  2. Computational Finance: Building Monte Carlo (MC) Simulators in Excel
  3. Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Financial Engineering – Equation Reference
  4. Derivative Products
  5. Derivatives Crash Course for Dummies
  6. Interest Rate Options – Pricing Caps and Floors
  7. Options pricing with Binomial trees in Excel spreadsheets
  8. Pricing Interest Rate Swaps – The valuation and MTM course

Risk Management

  1. Calculating Value at Risk (VaR)
  2. Collateral Valuation in Credit Risk Management Course
  3. Correlation
  4. Market Risk Metrics
  5. Master Class: Risk for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry
  6. Setting Counterparty Limits, Market Risk Limits & Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Limits

Treasury Products

  1. Treasury Operations


  1. Accounting Crash Course
  2. Actuarial Valuation of Pension and Gratuity Defined Benefit Plans

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  1. jaypal says:

    i like to buy excel working courses for VAR , monte carlo simulation,

  2. Administrator says:

    Dear Jaypal

    You have the following possible options

    1) Buy the Excel files only
    2) Buy the PDF downloads
    3) Buy Excel and PDF downloads
    4) Buy the two video courses on Calculating Value at Risk and Monte Carlo Simulation
    5) Combine the video courses with the downloads

    Please let me know which one of the above you would be interested in. You can also see our new shopping guide at the link below

    Please let me know if you need any additional help

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