Options pricing with Binomial trees in Excel spreadsheets

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This course focuses on an alternative method of implementing a two-dimensional binomial tree compared to the traditional method of building a binomial tree in excel presented in most option pricing text books.   The alternate approach is based on the techniques documented by Professor Mark Broadie at Columbia Business School as part of his coursework in Security Pricing and Computational Finance courses at Columbia University and allows us to extend a simple 3 step tree to a  50 – 100 step option pricing tree in a few minutes.

The course starts with pricing European calls and put options, followed by pricing american options and closes by reviewing option pricing for Knock out and Knock in (Sudden Death). We also review the special case of a down and in option.

Options pricing – Using binomial trees to price options in a spreadsheet

Options Pricing – Pricing Call Options – Option pricing spreadsheet – Binomial trees

Options Pricing – Pricing American Options – Calls and Puts – Spreadsheet implementation – Binomial trees

Options Pricing – Pricing Put Options – Option pricing spreadsheet – Binomial trees

Options pricing–Exotics Options–Pricing a Capped Call–Excel implementation – Binomial trees

Options pricing – Pricing Knockout exotic options – Sudden Death Options – Down and out call options

Options Pricing – Binomial Trees – Pricing Sudden death Options – Down and in call options

In addition to tree is you would like to review the use of Monte Carlo Simulation for pricing vanilla as well as exotic options please see

Monte Carlo – How to reference

Pricing Exotic Options using Monte Carlo Simulation

Exotic Option pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation Excel Sheet is now available for sale

Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation