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AMD Finance Case Study. Valuation and projections.

Finance Case Study. AMD. Valuation The steps involved in projecting the balance sheet are similar to the steps followed in projecting the income statement. The difference in the two methods is that in the income statement, almost everything is expressed as a percentage of sales,

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Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp

While most investors prefer the C-Corp form, an entrepreneur is evaluating the decision to adopt a corporate form in isolation from investor preferences. While an LLC makes it difficult to add members and issues shares relative to other forms, this case reviews the challenges associated

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Master Class: Credit Process: Course Guide

While the Credit Analysis course started the discussion on financial and operating leverage and the thinking behind the borrowing decision, the Credit Process course focuses on the lending side of the equation. Master Class: Credit Process: Mindset Master Class: Credit Process: Understanding the language –

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