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Pakistan banks put hold on 2Checkout export wire transfers ?

Pakistan banks put a hold on 2Checkout wire transfers? TL;DR; Pakistani banks refuse to process wire transfers sent by payment gateways and aggregators. During an ongoing balance of payment crisis, they plan to return US$ 200 million in annual technology and SME linked online export

Production/Consumption ration and Crude Oil Prices

Crude Oil Price Outlook 2018 – 2019

Introduction Crude oil prices have been falling steadily after reaching a four year high of $86.07 (Brent) in early October 2018. In this post, we look at six drivers to gauge the direction that crude oil price will be taking in the coming months of

Quote - There's a door inside your mind

Building startups – the five themes that founders need to master.

Building startups. I teach a course on building startups to undergraduate students at a local university. The audience includes sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors. We cover themes that touch the startup mindset, road maps to credibility and launch, customer personas, pitching, selling, product development, innovation