Financial Modelling for Startups

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Bitcoin avg monthly price vs monthly volatility vs monthly return - 2013-2020

Your Bitcoin outlook 2021?

8 mins read What is your Bitcoin for 2021? Do you expect a correction in Q1? What does price data and historical trends suggest? Is the next big move up or down?

Launch runway

A launch Case Study

16 mins read How we beat our internal order and sales forecasts by thinking through the launch of Founder Puzzles.

Product Launch


14 mins read Product launch lessons from the trenches.

Estimating Market Size - Let me count the ways

Estimating market size

20 mins read What are the seven deadly sins of estimating market size? What can you do as a founder or startup to do a better job?

A sunrise run by the beach

Seven finance lessons for founders

17 mins read Seven finance lessons for founders is inspired by a lecture I deliver for computer science and electrical engineering students at